1. 按钮 - 事情你应该知道填写入学申请
  2. 来自英语国家的学生正式密封高中/大学成绩单。亚博竞技官网
  3. 亚博竞技官网来自非英语国家的申请学生必须提交正式的高中/大学成绩单要么世界教育服务(WES)或教育证书评价者(ECE)的翻译高中/大学成绩单。 Students are required to pay the processing fees to WES or ECE. The translated transcript should be mailed directly to Tuskegee University from WES or ECE.
  4. 从参加了所有美国的学院或大学成绩单。
  5. 从英语考试作为一门外语(托福)的正式结果; Minimum of 62 (Internet-based) or 500 (Paper-based).
  6. 官方ACT或SAT成绩1。
    • 亚博国际在线塔斯基吉大学代码:
      • ACT内容:0050
      • SAT 1:1813
      • TOEFL:1813
  7. 支持经济担保证明及配套的银行信


  • 只有当所有所需文件已收到的申请进行评估。
  • 电子文档,如电子邮件,传真和复印是不能接受的。
  • 亚博国际在线塔斯基吉大学欢迎居住在美国以外的准留学生申请。亚博竞技官网 Applying internationally, however, is a bit more complex. International students must meet standards, just as others, for admission. Tuskegee University accepts World Education System (WES) credential evaluations or Educational Credential Evaluators (ECE) from non-U.S. schools to evaluate their international transcript. The WES or ECE form is required since their evaluations standardize the various academic credentials from around the world.
  • 如果您还有疑问或需要咨询,请联系亚博国际在线塔斯基吉大学全球办公室(TUGO)


在美国大学入学考试(ACT)或学术能力评估测试(SAT)是必需的所有新生的申请和本科转学申请者,谁是从大学美国以外转移的。 Arrangements should be made for the test results to be forwarded directly to the Office of Admissions by the testing agency.





从国际学生的申请将不予考虑,直到所有材料,包括WES或ECE评价亚博竞技官网,托福和申请费已经由招生办公室收到。 All documents and supporting materials must be sent to the Office of Admissions at least three months in advance of the students proposed entrance.


国际学生必须有足够的资金来支付所有费亚博竞技官网用,运输费和生活费。 Please go to the Bursar's webpage to see the amount needed for admissions. The Office of Admissions has limited funds for scholarships or fellowships and cannot guarantee other forms of financial aid. Therefore, an Affidavit of Support and certified evidence of a sponsor's financial capability must be submitted. Forms are available at the Office of Admissions or from the Tuskegee University web site.


为了在塔斯基吉大学录取,你必须是全职学生,需亚博国际在线要学生签证。亚博竞技官网 To get a student visa, you will need to provide the required information. Upon your satisfactory completion of your admission application and subsequent acceptance, we will issue you a form I-20 which is needed to apply at a U.S. Consulate for an F-1 Student visa. If you are already in the United States, complete all appropriate documents to apply for a form I-20 to use in support of an application for change of non-immigrant status or to follow the procedure for F-1 Student transfer. Do not submit more than one application; multiple submissions delay processing. Once you submit your application, you must send your supporting documentation. Your accompanying spouse and children may apply for F-2 visas as dependents of F-1 visa holders if funding to meet their additional expenses is available and documented.

为了帮助你在你的规划,这个文件与学生签证条款的概述开始,重点特别关注新生的事宜。亚博竞技官网 Also included is information of importance to Canadian citizens and nationals of countries participating in the Visa Waiver Program. You will also find the details of requirements to qualify for a form I-20, information for applicants from countries restricting foreign exchange transactions, and early guidance on what to expect when you apply for an entry visa. We ask you to attend carefully to completing your admissions application and to submitting the appropriate supporting documents.


一个新的I-20表格的处理,在招生办公室需要10到15天之后,我们有一个完整的应用程序。 If First Class mail service to your location takes an additional 15 to 23 days, you may expect to receive your form I-20 within 25 to 38 days from the day we receive your request. Few locations worldwide consistently receive First Class mail from Tuskegee, Alabama, in fewer than 10 days. First Class mail to the People's Republic of China (PRC) commonly takes more than 30 days.

据我们了解,等待你的I-20的到来可以很紧张。 If you wish to request that we re-send your I-20, you may contact us by e-mail at admissions@mytu.tuskegee.edu or telephone at 800-622-6531. We will do so ONLY if we determine there is a reasonable probability that your papers have gone astray. Replicating and re-sending your documents adds to the cost of processing applications and delays preparation of documents for other students. Based on our experience with thousands of mailings, we will consider a request to re-send a form I-20 only after the original I-20 has been in the mail 20 days (30 days for mailings to the PRC) but not received.


有两个与移民有关的条款,你会经常看到:“入境签证”和“移民身份”。 The first term, entry visa, refers to the entry visa affixed or stamped in your passport that permits you to enter the United States. This stamp is obtained at a U.S. Consulate. Your entry visa is used only for entries to the U.S. and may expire during your stay with no repercussions. The second term, immigration status, reflects the most recent notation on your I-94 Arrival/Departure Record, commonly known as the I-94 Card. Your immigration status is generally the same as your entry visa classification: F-1, B-2, J-1, etc. The I-94 Card you receive upon entering the U.S. is proof of immigration status (non-immigrant classification) in the U.S. and specifies the length of time one is permitted to stay. When you arrive in the U.S., the customs or immigration official will retain the Arrival portion of the I-94, make notes concerning the immigration status (non-immigrant classification) on the Departure portion, and either insert or staple the I-94 (Departure) Card into the passport, usually next to the page that holds the corresponding entry visa.


Those who hold F-1 student visas are normally admitted to the U.S. for "Duration of Status (D/S)" by the Bureau of Customs and Border Protection (BCBP) which is the U.S. government agency responsible for administering regulations related to the entry of non-U.S. citizens. Under the terms of a student visa, you are required to pursue a full-time course of study during the academic year, August through May. For BCBP purposes, Tuskegee University commonly defines full-time study as those registered for 12 or more credits or one Residence Unit each semester.

亚博竞技官网在F-1身份的学生可以在校园兼职工作与国际项目办公室(IPO)的许可(每周最多20小时)。 A student may apply for permission to work off campus only after 9 months in F-1 status. This requires the prior written approval of the IPO and the Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Services (BCIS). Employment during either the academic year or the summer should not be considered a major means of support while at Tuskegee unless the University offers employment in the form of a teaching or research assistantship. Dependents holding F-2 status may NOT work under any circumstances.

在F-1身份对许多学生的主要学术和经济利益是有资格申请各种形式的技能培训(就业直接关系到你的研究亚博竞技官网领域)。 However, please note that one must be a full-time student in an immigration status appropriate for studying for at least the previous nine consecutive months to be considered for practical training. Details are available from the International Programs Office.


加拿大人不需要入境签证进入美国。 Those entering the United States to study must request F-1 status at the border and must show the form I-20 to the BCBP inspector who will issue an I-94 Card upon entry to the United States. Canadian students must have an I-94 Card to confirm current F-1 status.



  • 如果你持有护照,复制你的护照身份页;
  • 你从你的学校的招生办公室的录取通知书复印件;
  • 从你描述你将如何资助你的学习课程的信; and
  • 财务文件,涵盖了一年的所有费用,并描述了未来几年的支持,合理的手段。

各种文件都取决于资金支持的来源需要。 If you have more than one source of funding, please provide the required documentation corresponding to each source listed below. Please do not send original documents as we cannot return them to you. The required documents for each source of support, plus English translations, are as follows:

个人资金- 经过认证的银行信头的银信,以自己的名义,在过去的三个月内准备出足以满足你的费用可用余额副本

父母或家庭- 经过认证的从你的父母或其他亲属从而保证您的支持,包括了一封信的复印件:

  • 你亲戚的姓名,地址,以及关系到你

  • 正在为其提供资金支持的研究或学位的程序

  • 每年在美国$所提供的金额以及它所保证的年数

  • 你亲戚的银行信件的副本内部过去准备3个月出足以满足您的费用可用余额

一个国际组织,政府机构,基金会,或其他大学宿舍官方赞助信,说明该奖项的条件的核证副本。 The letter should specify the name and address of the sponsor, the total amount of money in U.S.$ available to you for the school of Tuskegee University in which you will be enrolling, the major field and degree for which you will be studying, and the period for which funding is guaranteed or a statement that funding is renewable annually for a specified number of years

亚博国际在线塔斯基吉大学- 您的塔斯基吉大学奖信的副本亚博国际在线

私人赞助商- 要求下,父母或家人从你的担保人解释赞助商对你的关系,学生,为什么他或她致力于为客户提供的支持经过认证的信。亚博竞技官网 Please note that U.S. Consular officials subject private sponsor guarantees to careful review and that you should be prepared to submit additional documentation when applying for your entry visa.

可用资金必须按表中给出的一年等于或超过您的费用。 Students who will be in the U.S. during summers also will need to document additional funds.

*亚博竞技官网学生与依赖(多个)未来应该增加每名家属$ 4,000至总量为制剂I-20由美国公民及移民服务所需的文件。