欢迎来到塔斯基吉大学 亚博国际在线- “迅速的骄傲,越来越多南。” Founded in a one room shanty, near Butler Chapel AME Zion Church, thirty adults represented the first class - Dr. Booker T. Washington the first teacher. The founding date was July 4, 1881, authorized by House Bill 165.

我们应该给予信贷乔治·坎贝尔,前奴隶主和路易斯·亚当斯,前奴隶,锡匠和社区领袖,他们在大学的成立角色。 Adams had not had a day of formal education but could read and write. In addition to being a tinsmith, he was also a shoemaker and harness-maker. And he could well have been experienced in other trades. W. F. Foster was a candidate for re-election to the Alabama Senate and approached Lewis Adams about the support of African-Americans in Macon County.

将亚当斯想要什么,福斯特要求,以换取他(亚当斯)固定黑色选他(福斯特)。 Adams could well have asked for money, secured the support of blacks voters and life would have gone on as usual. But he didn’t. Instead, Adams told Foster he wanted an educational institution - a school - for his people. Col. Foster carried out his promise and with the assistance of his colleague in the House of Representatives, Arthur L. Brooks, legislation was passed for the establishment of a "Negro Normal School in Tuskegee."

$ 2,000美元的拨款,用于教师工资,是由法律授权。 Lewis Adams, Thomas Dryer, and M. B. Swanson formed the board of commissioners to get the school organized. There was no land, no buildings, no teachers only State legislation authorizing the school. George W. Campbell subsequently replaced Dryer as a commissioner. And it was Campbell, through his nephew, who sent word to Hampton Institute in Virginia looking for a teacher.

布克·T·华盛顿了点头,他让刘易斯·亚当斯的梦想发生。 He was principal of the school from July 4, 1881, until his death in 1915. He was not 60 years old when he died. Initial space and building for the school was provided by Butler Chapel AME Zion Church not far from this present site. Not long after the founding, however, the campus was moved to "a 100 acre abandoned plantation" which became the nucleus of the present site.

亚博国际在线塔斯基吉上升到国家突出其创始人,华盛顿博士,谁在1915年在他的任期在59岁时从领导1881年的机构,直到他去世的带领下,机构独显获得了1892年,又通过立法,在塔斯基吉正常和 Industrial Institute was granted authority to act independent of the state of Alabama.

华盛顿博士,高技能的组织者和筹款,为律师美国总统,黑人业务的坚决拥护者,并在教育机构的整个南方的开发工具。 He maintained a lifelong devotion to his institution and to his home - the South. Dr. Washington is buried on the campus of Tuskegee University near the University Chapel.

罗伯特·Moton是塔斯基吉的总裁从1915年到1935年,在他领亚博国际在线导下,塔斯基吉退伍军人管理局医院是由协会捐赠的土地创造。 The Tuskegee V.A. Hospital, opened in 1923, was the first and only staffed by Black professionals. Dr. Moton was succeeded in 1935 by Dr. Frederick D. Patterson. Dr. Patterson oversaw the establishment of the School of Veterinary Medicine at Tuskegee. Today, nearly 75 percent of Black veterinarians in America are Tuskegee graduates.

帕特森博士也带来了Tuskegee空军飞行训练大纲,以研究所。亚博国际在线 The all-Black squadrons of Tuskegee Airmen were highly decorated World War II combat veterans and forerunners of the modern day Civil Rights Movement. Dr. Patterson is also credited with founding the United Negro College Fund, which to date has raised more than $1 billion for student aid. Dr. Luther H. Foster became president of Tuskegee Institute in 1953.

福斯特博士领导塔斯基吉通过转型亚博国际在线年民权运动。 Student action, symbolized by student martyr and SNCC member Sammy Younge, as well as legal action represented by Gomillion v. Lightfoot (1960), attests to Tuskegee ’s involvement in The Movement.

在第五任总裁本杰明F.佩顿博士,开始了他在1981年任期内他的领导下,塔斯基吉大学国家生物伦理学中心的研究及健康护理和Tuskegee空军国家历史遗址陆续启动。亚博国际在线 The General Daniel "Chappie" James Center for Aerospace Science and Health Education was constructed - the largest athletic arena in the SIAC at the time. The Kellogg Conference Center, one of 12 worldwide, was completed as a renovation and expansion of historic Dorothy Hall.

亚博国际在线塔斯基吉大学取得地位,1985年以来开始在综合生物科学和材料科学与工程推出了首款博士课程。 The College of Business and Information Sciences was established and professionally accredited, and the College of Engineering, Architecture and Physical Sciences was expanded to include the only Aerospace Engineering department at an HBCU at the time.

2010年8月1日,夏洛特P. Morris博士认为大学临时总统的角色。 She is the first female to serve at the helm of Tuskegee University, and became the second Interim President for the institution. On November 1, 2010, Dr. Gilbert L. Rochon became the sixth president of Tuskegee University. On October 19, 2013, Dr. Matthew Jenkins was named as the Acting President of Tuskegee University. On June 15, 2014, Dr. Brian L. Johnson became the 7th Tuskegee University President and served until June 30, 2017. Dr. Charlotte P. Morris again served as Interim President from July 1, 2017 until June 30, 2018. On July 1, 2018, Dr. Lily D. McNair took the helm as the 8th President of Tuskegee University.

在华盛顿去世时,有1500名学生,$ 2,000,000捐赠,40个交易,(我们今天会打电话给他们专业)亚博竞技官网,100设备齐全的建筑,约200教师。 From 30 adult students in a one room shanty, we have today grown to more than 3,000 students on a campus (the main campus, farm and forest land) that includes some 5,000 acres and more than 70 buildings.

1922年专用,布克·T·华盛顿纪念碑,被称为“揭面纱,”站在校园的中心。 The inscription at its base reads, "He lifted the veil of ignorance from his people and pointed the way to progress through education and industry." For Tuskegee, the process of unveiling is continuous and lifelong.


亚博国际在线塔斯基吉大学是位于阿拉巴马州高等教育的国家,独立的,和国家相关机构。 The University has distinctive strengths in the sciences, architecture, business, engineering, health, and other professions, all structured on solid foundations in the liberal arts. In addition, the University's programs focus on nurturing the development of high-order intellectual and moral qualities among students and stress the connection between education and the highly trained leadership Americans need in general, especially for the work force of the 21st Century and beyond. The results we seek are students whose technical, scientific, and professional prowess has been not only rigorously honed, but also sensitively oriented in ways that produce public-spirited graduates who are both competent and morally committed to public service with integrity and excellence.

大学根植于成功教育非裔美国人了解自己和对他们的总文化遗产的背景和他们的个人和集体的未来带来了希望社会的历史。 The most important of the people we serve are our students. Our overall purpose is to nurture and challenge them to grow to their fullest potential. Serving their needs is the principal reason for our existence. A major outcome we seek is to prepare them to play effective professional and leadership roles in society and to become productive citizens in the national and world community. Tuskegee University continues to be dedicated to these broad aims.

过去一个世纪以来,各种社会和历史的变化已经改变了这个机构成为综合性,多元化的学习的地方,其根本目的是培养领导能力,知识和服务的全球社会。 Committed deeply to academic excellence, the University admits highly talented students of character and challenges them to reach their highest potential. The University also believes strongly in equality of opportunity and recognizes that exquisite talent is often hidden in students whose finest development requires unusual educational, personal, and financial reinforcement. The University actively invites a diversity of talented students, staff, and faculty from all racial, religious, and ethnic backgrounds to participate in this educational enterprise.



  • 我们专注于教育作为一个持续的过程和终生为之奋斗了所有的人。
  • 我们提供的文科高品质的核心体验。
  • 我们开发了职业生涯的方向卓越的技术,科学和专业教育。
  • 我们强调什么之间学生的学习和全球劳动力的需求变化教育与就业之间的关系。亚博竞技官网


  • 我们维护,细化,并进一步发展的知识已经发现了这个天体。
  • 我们发现对个人和社会的持续发展和对大学的教学和服务项目的充实新的知识。
  • 我们发展到现代社会的帮助下解决问题的知识的应用。


  • 我们服务于全球社会以及区域和校园社区,并通过外展项目是与大学的教育使命兼容的,即提高社会问题认识的发展,并帮助制定相关的替代解决方案。
  • 我们搞宣传活动,以协助社区作为学习社会的发展。


上述使命的三个要素,与美国国会和阿拉巴马州的某些行为一起,定义塔斯基吉大学作为土地出让制度。亚博国际在线 Originally focused primarily on agriculture, the University's land-grant function is currently a generic one that embraces a wide spectrum of liberal arts, scientific, and technical and professional programs.




  • 目前的教育作为终身体验的过程;
  • 确保学生有语言的强抓使用亚博竞技官网,书面和口头,数学以及文学;
  • 加深学生对历史亚博竞技官网和文化遗产的知识;
  • 培养学生的公民和亚博竞技官网社会负责的使用时间的知识和意识;
  • 理解和欣赏的道德和精神价值的重要性,使学生不仅追求事业,而是那些个人满足和社会负责的领导的生活;亚博竞技官网 and
  • 使学生具有较亚博竞技官网强的科研兴趣和技能,并深承诺的职业。


大学提供研究生水平的指令,以及在后学士学位专业领域的研究和培训。 These programs seek to develop in students the ability to engage in independent and scholarly inquiry, a mastery of certain professional disciplines, and a capacity to make original contributions to various bodies of knowledge. Graduate degrees are offered only in selected fields of unusual University strength and opportunity.


亚博国际在线塔斯基吉大学完成通过其本科,研究生,专业,研究和推广方案开发领导能力,知识和服务的中心目的。 Through these programs, students are encouraged not only to pursue careers but to be of service to society and to remain active lifetime learners. The University seeks to instill a robust thirst for knowledge and a vibrant quest for wholesale patterns of personal and social ethics that have philosophical and spiritual depth. In the process, it seeks to help each student develop an appreciation for the finer traits of human personality, the beauty of the earth and the universe, and a personal commitment to the improvement of the human condition.